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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thomas Szasz, RIP

As if we haven't had enough bad news recently, I just learned that Thomas Szasz, my friend and mentor, died the other day. He was 92. I will have more to say in coming days. I am truly devastated by this news.

For now, see my "Szasz in One Lesson."
Also see Jacob Sullum's Reason interview.


Eric Hanneken said...

That's terrible news. I'm so sorry.

Jim Bovard said...

Tom was one of the great heroes of liberty of the past half century. His work had severed the chains on so many wrongfully incarcerated people. He will be greatly missed.

Sheldon Richman said...

The most underappreciated libertarian.

Tom said...

The worst news. I really thought that he would live forever. The last time I heard him interviewed was on an Australian radio program. I think he was 90 at the time. It was amazing how sharp he still was.

And I agree with Sheldon. He was one libertarian that too many libertarians don't really know about or purposely downplay.

Sheldon Richman said...

It's amazing how many libertarians think his field was psychiatry or psychology. His field was self-responsibility and the myriad ways the State mocks it.

Jim Clayson said...

I like to think Thomas Szasz is in a good space right now, having achieved so much in one lifetime and now having shed his mortal shell. The fight isn't over for the rest of us and I believe for him it goes on, too.

WWW said...

It is time for the younger generation to continue the fight.

Phil Schneider said...

Dr. Szasz was probably the most brave and brilliant man I have ever met /read.
He ranks with Shakespeare , Newton.
My life's greatest pleasure was a new book which I read from cover to cover with glee. What a scholar!
I am sure he was an amazing counselor; one could tell by his casual off the subject throw away lines about life which were so profound.No more new Szasz books.I am so sad. Mostly for me. He seemed to negotiate life's toughness very well!