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Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF: A Revolutionary for All Seasons

If it hasn’t been done already, I hope someone is translating Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man (particularly part 2) into Arabic. People rising up against dictators throughout the Middle East and North Africa should be reading that book; it will come in handy when they’ve driven the dictators from power (as in Egypt and Tunisia) and are wondering what to do next. (It wouldn’t hurt for Americans to read it.)
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N. Joseph Potts said...

I'm afraid Frederic Bastiat described (in The Law?) what is to be expected as the result of the overthrow of an old, hated, tyrannical regime.

A new, hated tyrannical regime, perhaps with new tyrants to replace the old ones.

Nothing to do with Islam, of course, nor with Arabs. To do, rather, with regimes.

Dave said...

Could you be more naive? They are reading the Koran, not Thomas Paine.

Anonymous said...

He said they should be reading Thomas Paine. That's not the same as saying that they are reading Thomas Paine.