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Friday, December 29, 2006

End Slavery Registration Now!

Whenever U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, the New York Democrat who will soon chair the House Ways and Means Committee, calls for resumption of military conscription, a host of powerful figures, Republican and Democrat, civilian and military, chime in at once to repudiate his proposal. They respond that the U.S. military doesn’t need or want a draft. It’s good to hear them say that, and let’s hope they mean it. The draft has no place in a free society because it is slavery, the kind that can get you killed or put you in a position where you might kill someone else.

We opponents of the draft, however, would feel more comfortable if the people distancing themselves from Rangel would do something solid to show that they mean what they say. There’s a great way for them to show their bona fides: end draft registration.
Read the rest of my latest op-ed, "End Draft Registration," at the website of The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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zbillster said...

Sheldon writes:
"But President Jimmy Carter ordered every 18-year-old male to register with Selective Service in 1979 when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan."

And I was one of those disappointed (and nervous) 18 year olds in 1979 who was forced to register for the draft. Irony of ironies, before my discovery of libertarianism shortly before the Afghanistan invasion, I was a supporter of Carter's election, partly due to his generous pardoning of draft evaders from the Vietnam era! I will never forgive him for renewing registration, which lead to my anxiety-filled decade with the Reagan/Bush foreign policy misadventures. Now at 45, I feel somewhat secure. Yet registration lives on, and promises by politicians to terminate it have never been fulfilled.