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Saturday, June 08, 2024

David Boaz, an Anecdote

When my second daughter, Emily, was born some years ago, a friend of the family gave her a gift: a stuffed blue bear. That's it up there. That friend was David Boaz, the pivotal libertarian author, editor, and administrator who died yesterday well before his time. A few months ago, when I heard that David was seriously ill, I messaged Emily to ask if she remembered the stuffed blue bear. I wasn't sure she did. Who remembers their toys from that age? She immediately responded: "Yes. From David Boaz." She had not seen him in years, and she was just a little kid then. How could she know that? Moments later she texted me the picture you see. She had just take it with her phone. The bear was right at hand! Emily then told me that her niece and nephew, my grandchildren, Cruz and Cass, often play with "blue bear"! So David's gift was being enjoyed by the next generation! I email him about it. I hope it brought a smile to his face. I know it brought tears to my eyes.

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