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What Social Animals Owe to Each Other

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Talking Over the Beefed-Up IRS

Scott Horton and I discussed the ominous changes in store for middle-income taxpayers under the Inflation Reduction Act. Listen here.

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Economart said...

Hello Mr. Richman,

I was reading your blog articles on the threat the IRS is poses to the citizens of the US. I could not agree more. The really big question becomes, What is to be done?

There are good ideas out there to resolve the great problems plaguing the world. All one need do is go back and re-examine the old assumptions and conventions, discarding the chaff.

I have done so and made a very interesting discovery. The one great weapon tyranny possesses is the right to tax. All its power rests on it. Bereft, it is helpless, fully dependent upon others.

Is Taxation a necessity? The answer is an astonishing NO!

There are two great costs in Taxation, government waste and its deterrent effect, which disappear with full Public Borrowing. More people are beginning to pay attention to what I have been arguing the last 25 years. With the great crash presently in operation, I expect interest in the idea to grow, especially among those nations fighting for their financial lives.

All it takes is one beleaguered nation, state, province, or city to start the 'Great Reset, and the dominoes shall fall.

A pot of gold rests at the end of the rainbow now congested with aged, obsolete, conventions.


The title should have been 'An End of Tyranny', but editors.

The abolition of all Taxation would be the initial step on the path to a full and enriching Libertarian world. It is material that would certainly be worthy of a podcast. Let me know if you're interested. You may contact me via my email address in the Zerohedge article.

Gary Marshall