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Friday, June 08, 2018

TGIF: Separation, Not Association, Requires Force

Whenever I write about Palestine, Israel, and Zionism -- especially when I point out that American Reform Jews en masse gagged on the thought that America was not their "homeland"; they insisted they were Jewish Americans not American Jews -- I am lectured on Facebook about how "keeping to one's own kind" is a natural inclination and that inclusion, not exclusion, requires aggression. We shouldn't be surprised, then, that alt-right-types who may dislike Jews nevertheless respect their expressed desire to live among themselves in a Jewish State. Why wouldn't the alt-right take this position? Israel is a (pseudo)ethno-state. It is identitarianism run amok.
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August said...

I know you can think better than that. We are supposed to have private property and freedom of association. The government screws with both- and happily uses force.

But with private property and freedom of association the only force that may be necessary is the force of self-defense- i.e. a legitimate use of force.

Perhaps you should ponder this question with regard to some place like Japan...

James OGallagher said...


James OGallagher said...


Anonymous said...

Read 'Why Palestine Matters' great article, a historical tour de force of the present day conflict.

Thank you for caring