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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Gaffe that Wasn't

How is it a gaffe not to have a favorite world leader? A favorite singer? Okay. A favorite author? Fine. A favorite actor? No problem. But a favorite ruler or political hack? Ha! Those who make a big deal of this would seize on anything to marginalize a choice other than the Democrat or Republican.


Anonymous said...

The worse thing about this year's LP ticket is that these two guys are too out of sync: one has smoked too much hemp, the other has smoked too little.

MarkZ said...

It's a gaffe because it was abundantly clear from his answer that he couldn't name any. Worse than that, this past month has shown that he can't think on his feet.

I hope the fans of American politics are happy. To me, it's like watching a Super Bowl between the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.