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Friday, February 06, 2015

TGIF: The Poison Called Nationalism

I understand the love of the place one knew as a child. I understand the love of home, of family, of community, of neighbors, and of people with whom one has shared experiences and beliefs. I understand the love of virtuous principles as expressed in historical documents (such as the Declaration of Independence). That kind of love does not ignite hate for the Other or create admiration for the warrior who enjoys killing the Other on order. That takes the poison of nationalism and an obsession with the nation it creates.
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Juice said...

I agree that nationalism is a poison, or at least should be discouraged.

So why do you have a national flag over there to the right?

Sheldon Richman said...

Good question about the flag. In today's world, alas, getting out from under Israeli occupation inevitably -- a matter of justice -- will result in the state of Palestine. Right now there is no alternative. When the Palestinians get free of Israel, I urge (should they care what I think) that they not become just another nation-state.