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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt Today

Good to see the tyrant, Mubarak, out of there. It is something to celebrate, indeed. But now the army is in charge. Here's hoping the Egyptians "won't get fooled again." Do they fully appreciate what they've experienced the last few weeks? They peacefully abolished the government. Must they institute a new one? They shouldn't assume the answer is yes.

As Americans, our task is to do what we can to stop the U.S. government from further interference in Egypt and the region. Forty years of backing Egyptian autocrats is quite enough. But there is little doubt the U.S. government will work hard to influence the writing of a constitution in order to exclude the Muslim Brotherhood and others it does not like. It will also meddle with whatever elections are held. Keep an eye on the National Endowment for Democracy, an arm of the government that exists almost entirely to influence other countries' elections. (Imagine if a foreign government were doing that here!)

The U.S. government of course will dangle big sums of money in front of the new powers that be to get them to toe the line, and the treasure will be hard to resist. Ideally, the Egyptians will tell the Americans to keep their filthy money (which is also a tax-subsidy for the U.S. military-industrial complex), institute radical free-market reforms (including land reform and dispossession of crony capitalists), and go their own independent way. We can dream, can't we?

I know it is not to be expected any time soon, but the U.S. government should end all economic and military subsidies to each country in the region, starting with Israel (which did not want to see Mubarak or Suleiman go) and Egypt. Such an infusion of wealth has many bad effects, and one of the worst is that it enables the recipients to disguise their failings and escape responsibility (at least for a while). They should all have to stand on their own feet and rectify the injustices they have perpetrated. This of course includes the Israeli government's crimes against the Palestinians. Justice for the Palestinians would remove a huge obstacle to tranquility and progress in the region. Moreover, as long as the U.S. government is seen as an accomplice to those crimes -- which it is -- the American people will be associated with the oppression of Arabs and Muslims. We must not tolerate that any longer.

Good luck to the Egyptians. I rejoice in their triumph. How remarkable that they could drive out the dictator without firing a shot. Ideas do indeed rule the world. Even in the United States.


Amazing News said...

I do not understand why do not you come down Mubarak

Sheldon Richman said...

I don't understand your comment.

Bob said...

Sheldon, Egyptians explain on what's happening there "Aaimshiy khalas faluws", which means follow the dough. Egyptian army = Uncle Sam. New regime is still the old regime. When Uncle Sam stops funding the Egyptian government and instead Egyptians fund the Egyptian government, then Egyptians will experience something libertarians might write about.

Jett Rucker said...

There is at least one foreign government whose agents not only INFLUENCE elections, sometimes quite openly and lavishly, but its agents also WIN elections in the US with greatly disproportionate frequency.

There is or would be outrage about it except for the fact that its agents are so powerful, so numerous, and so vigorous in their prosecution of their shared goal of aggrandizing this country that not even I will name it here (I know you know which I have in mind).

The media are extensively controlled directly by agents of this country, such that their control of the government cannot be reported in anything remotely resembling the extent that is justified by the enormity of the situation (which enormity you hint at in your speculation as to what would be done if it were known to many Americans).

But we Americans sleep, waking occasionally to feed on more lies and deception. And so we drift further, in so many ways, into bondage.