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What Social Animals Owe to Each Other

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh the Injustice!

The house of a friend caught on fire. While his home was aflame he called an insurance company to buy fire insurance. Honest fellow that he is, he told the company rep that his house was on fire as they spoke.

The company refused to issue the policy.

When will we finally get homeowner's insurance reform so that companies will stop this cruel practice of refusing to cover preexisting conditions?

After that we should move against the life insurance companies' vicious discrimination against dead people.


Anonymous said...

I get the point of the story, unfortunately in my story there was no fire, only a stain on the rafter, that may or not be a smoke stain.There was no heat and the stain caused no structural damage. It could not even be proven to be a fire related stain, yet for years no fire insurance could be purchased. Too bad we can't have food or water insurance companies. You couldn't get food or water unless you had a policy,but hey, you may never get hungry I guess. These companies of course could limit the number of people who can get the policies and spend 30 percent of the premiums of the ones that can to influence congress and convince everyone think they are indispensable. Would be a money maker.

Mike said...

I think this analogy is wrong. A better analog to a health care emergency is that Fire Department didn't come because your friend didn't have insurance.

Sheldon Richman said...

Mike, I don't think so. People without insurance get medical care every day. Obama is touting "insurance reform," not reform in the provision of health are.