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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Neo-Monarchy of George W. Bush

The Bush administration, without court authorization, collects our telephone records and eavesdrops on calls involving U.S. residents to and from foreigners. It refuses to rule out wiretapping of fully domestic calls. Meanwhile, the administration is building military bases in Iraq and throughout the Persian Gulf. And now the president is about to formally militarize the southern border, the better to keep out Mexicans seeking economic opportunity.

To underscore grounds for concern, the administration has pronounced a theory of presidential power that should alarm anyone who wants government power limited. Under the Unitary Executive doctrine of the Bush Justice Department and many conservative legal theorists, the executive branch has enough implied and inherent powers during wartime to negate the checks and balances ordinarily provided by Congress and the courts. Considering that the Bush administration’s “war on terror” is vague enough to last indefinitely and assumes a global battlefield, the Unitary Executive doctrine is a blueprint for despotism that Napoleon would have envied.

Read the rest of my latest op-ed at The Future of Freedom Foundation website.


Reborn Idiot said...

Well free association why not have a wire tap? This nation has had so many holes in security why not make one. I believe most people don't really care about this but just need somthing to complain about. Face the facts Bush isn't smart enough to come up with this plan so stop thrashing him.

saturdaynightspecial said...

Those who advocate for more security don't deserve it. Some Amercans are afraid of everything under the moon. And there is nothing that any person can do to make us more secure, including listening in on all of our conversations. War is an excuse to take away our freedoms for the most rediculous reasons because there is never a good enough reason to take away our freedoms. And why the need for wiretaps ? Don't you have something better to worry over ?

Anonymous said...

i hope we move toward a genuine police state at a much faster pace than we already are. i want to be able to see the violent revolution that ensues.