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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

No Clean Hands

Even if one believes in capital punishment and thinks it the appropriate penalty for Osama bin Laden, consider who ordered it and what else he has authorized in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. That's more than enough to be disgusted by the news out of Pakistan the other night.


AGSCalabrese said...

The American way ?

No trial ? No sovereignty ? No capture ? Shoot the unarmed man ? Massive cheering in the streets ? More government ( I am betting )

Hoooooorrray America


Perry Metzger said...

The dancing in the streets alone ended any claim the nation had to being civilized. The killing of an accused mass murderer, even when conducted with careful attention to due process, is not a joyous occasion. When it is a summary execution, an extrajudicial killing, it is doubly a cause for mourning -- once for the victims of the presumed mass murderer, and second for the system of laws that once would have held that any, even an accused mass murderer, is entitled to a fair and public trial.

ToryII said...

How much more will it take before/until Middle East leaders learn to unite and create a military union like NATO.

They will be kicked around by the U.S. until they change - it could last forever or until we run out of money to pay for empire.

Dummies (Iran seems to be the only State willing to stand up to the U.S.)