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Friday, May 26, 2017

TGIF: Trump’s Mideast Mission Impossible

By now, comparing someone to the underwear gnomes of South Park fame is trite. Were it not for Donald Trump, I wouldn’t go near it. But I cannot resist because it’s a salient feature of his way of “thinking” — although posing would be the better word here.

Behold: “If Israeli and the Palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East,” he said, adding, with his characteristic precision, that “would be an amazing accomplishment.”

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August said...

There's just an aspect to this- it's like he realized he had to go with this military industrial complex narrative to survive, especially with the left out to kill or imprison him.

It's been pretty obvious for years that people go to D.C. expecting to reform, only to get corrupted. Trump is already rich, so they can't corrupt him in the same ways. He also has some sort of internal metric for whatever making America great again means. But if he didn't play ball with at least some of the deep state, he probably would have been killed by now.

Anonymous said...

Trump has a lot of loved ones: many wives, a sister, sons, daughters, many friends. All of those people are at a high risk if he, as the President, does not do as he is told. Let us cut him some slack. Not too much, just enough.

Or, perhaps, we could start believing that politicians are on their own, that the Wizard of Oz is real, and that there is no pitiful people behind the curtain. I know of a lot of very happy people that just believe everything they are told in the kosher news. They don't check anything and never get upset. They just go along. They are so cool...