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This book challenges the assumption that the Constitution was a landmark in the struggle for liberty. Instead, Sheldon Richman argues, it was the product of a counter-revolution, a setback for the radicalism represented by America’s break with the British empire. Drawing on careful, credible historical scholarship and contemporary political analysis, Richman suggests that this counter-revolution was the work of conservatives who sought a nation of “power, consequence, and grandeur.” America’s Counter-Revolution makes a persuasive case that the Constitution was a victory not for liberty but for the agendas and interests of a militaristic, aristocratic, privilege-seeking ruling class.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bravo for Brexit!

Excellent news out of the UK. The next step is for the anti-elites -- there, here, everywhere -- to see that the state itself is their enemy, no matter who sits on top. Only natutal-law market anarchism would fully dethrone the oppressors.

See Glenn Greenwald's discussion.


Shane Skekel said...

To be honest, I was surprised when Britain finally decided to leave the (ill-conceived, misguided, and misbegotten) European Union. However, I see this as merely a Pyrrhic Victory unless Europe goes in a Libertarian direction.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have been surprised that they are only upset that the elites have wasted 30+ years playing Scrooge McDuck and swimming in pools of cash. Do they include themselves?

What makes me want to tear my hair out is how much these elites have held humanity back. They show every sign of wanting to freeze the status quo of their youth, eliminating GMO foods, fracking, and everything else which has improved their lives since they became adults ... except I've learned from experience that it's only because they don't think about the consequences. They want modern medicine, the internet, better weather forecasts, better cars (at least for themselves) ... but none of the rest.

I guess the clue to their hypocrisy is calling themselves Progressives.