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Monday, July 02, 2012

Yitzhak Shamir Is Dead

The terrorist and once-prime minister of Israel, who called Palestinians "grasshoppers," is gone. Read about his monstrous career, which included a massacre at a Palestinian village and the assassination of a UN peace envoy, here. The only thing missing from the linked article is Shamir's efforts to collaborate with the Nazis against the British, who were running Palestine in those days.

Also see this.


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Anonymous said...

The terrorism conducted by groups (like the Sten gangs) was directed against the British, who were stopping Jewish immigration by intercepting ships and locking them up in camps. The British controlled Palestine, not the Muslims, but they didn't want a Jewish state of Israel because they were falling to greed for Arab oil and their Arab friends told them that Muslims would never accept such a state, which is very true. When the new state was proclaimed, the Arab world staged an all-out attack on it and the Jews won, earning the right to their country no different than Muslims won the right to their territories throughout history after they struck out from Arabia. That's why the Hamas Charter is very clear that they want to exterminate Israel and will never accept a 2-state solution as proposed by the stupid let's-play-millioniare U.S.

The Israelis aren't angels and they have a list of bad deeds, like the U.S. Every country does, but the sick Saudi-financed anti-Israeli propaganda like in Mondo Weiss is packed with half-truths that strain at a gnat while ignoring the elephant in the room. The horrible Muslim won't accept a square inch ruled by non-Muslims, ever, under any circumstances. Why don't you condemn the Saudis, Iranians and groups like Hamas where Sharia makes life hell for the non-royals, and women are treated lower than donkey dung? Yet Israel has freedom of for Muslims, Jews, Christians and a whole host of other faiths. A recent survey found that the most dangerous countries to be a Christian in are all in the Muslim world. Yet you defend these savages by default or am I wrong?

Sheldon Richman said...

First you groundlessly accuse a man of lying about his religion (Zahi Khouri), then you claim, again without evidence, that a blog, MondoWeiss, is "Saudi-financed."

Please give me one reason why I should continue to let you comment on this blog?

Anonymous said...

You are correct I have no proof and can only accuse organizations such as Mondo Weiss as being Saudi financed.

However, you do agree that Islamist groups are financing misinformation about countries like Israel as part of an effort to delegitimize the country in the court of public opinion. Worst part about it is that you join in the chorus.

If you choose to block me that is up to you. However, I think I have adequately made my point that you are not really a libertarian nor even a proponent of Western civilization/capitalism since you are defending groups hostile to such a social system.

One thing I do have evidence of, however, is your silence if not outright refusal to condemn Hamas and other organiations who openly call not just for the destruction of Israel but also killing its population. Jewish or otherwise.

So, in closing, I will pose a question to you. The head of Hezbollah said not too long ago that he hoped that Jews would all migrate to Israel so that it would be easier to hunt them down. Are you for or against such a statement/activity?