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Friday, March 20, 2009

No More Something for Nothing

Barack Obama says we shouldn't expect something for nothing. Fine -- many of us don't want the "something" anyway. Now when can we put an end to nothing for something?

Cross-posted at Anything Peaceful.


Mike said...

Funny that he doesn't believe that when it comes to creating bailout money from nothing...

Anonymous said...

That makes a clever short aphorism. :)

David Johnson said...

I hate to say I told you so, but... "I told you so!" Yup, my memory is long enough that I remember you giving the wink and the nod to Obama. Your wish came true. I had a silly juvenile fantasy that neither McCain nor Obama would win, but you hinted that you were secretly rooting for Obama.

We've got absurdist economic policies, more troops in Afghanistan, and affirmations that the War on Substance Ingestion will not end. Frankly I could do with a lot less of this Change.


Sheldon Richman said...

I wasn't secretly rooting for Obama. I was publicly rooting against McCain. I stand by that. I knew what to expect. Have you re-read the posts you refer to? Do you really call those endorsements?

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