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Friday, May 23, 2008

Don't Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment!

Surely any champion of freedom wants to get rid of the income tax. And surely the way to really get rid of the income tax is to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Right?


Repealing the Sixteenth Amendment would be a waste of time because its disappearance would change nothing. Alas, Congress could continue to tax incomes (and anything else).

The rest of this week's TGIF, "Don't Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment!," is at the Foundation for Economic Education website.


Edward said...

I have seen this 16th amendment thing pop up again and again in pseudo-libertarian groups. It still amazes me how people believe that the constitution has any power or even that it would be good if it did.

Here's a quote from the Bob Barr campaign: "It is not enough to eliminate the income tax. We also must repeal the 16th amendment, which authorizes Congress to levy an income tax. Without doing so, there would be an ever-present danger that a future Congress would attempt to bring back the income tax on top of the Fair Tax or any other alternative to the income tax."

Sheldon Richman said...

Barr is parroting the standard ignorance about the amendment. He should do some reading and less talking. Damn it, when will libertarians read the Anti-federalists? They warned us about all the dangers in the Constitution. You'd think this was something new!

Marmoset said...

The Income Tax is the only tax we have that has any relation to one's ability to pay it. All these income tax cuts of the Save the Rich movement have only caused property taxes to go through the roof, thereby forcing people on fixed incomes (and others) out of their homes. Feh!