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This book challenges the assumption that the Constitution was a landmark in the struggle for liberty. Instead, Sheldon Richman argues, it was the product of a counter-revolution, a setback for the radicalism represented by America’s break with the British empire. Drawing on careful, credible historical scholarship and contemporary political analysis, Richman suggests that this counter-revolution was the work of conservatives who sought a nation of “power, consequence, and grandeur.” America’s Counter-Revolution makes a persuasive case that the Constitution was a victory not for liberty but for the agendas and interests of a militaristic, aristocratic, privilege-seeking ruling class.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Regarding the Presidential Debates

I want to make sure I understand this: The nonpartisan commission created and run by the Republican and Democratic parties won't include anyone but the Republican and Democratic candidates in the debate because the other contenders, who theoretically could win 270 electoral votes, did not meet its arbitrary polling threshold, a gauge that is almost entirely in the hands of the corporate news media. Is that it?

1 comment:

MarkZ said...

Speaking as a scientist - I think more infuriating than the arbitrary threshold is the fact that the polls that have been endorsed by the commission are not conducted in a scientific manner.

Having said that, I can't help but think that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would do more harm than good when it comes to conveying the message about noninterventionism, ending the incarceration culture, and inequities in social and economic justice. Let charismatic people handle that one.