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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clinton or Sanders?

If we have to have a president, whom would you prefer: someone who voted for the Iraq war or someone who voted against holding gun manufacturers and gun dealers liable per se for criminal shootings?


3D Face Analysis said...

Both are horrible.

Sanders voted for the Afghanistan war, supports Israel, supports military intervention against the Islamic State, supported bombing Yugoslavia, and voted for funding and arming for the Neo-Nazi government of Ukraine. His only appeal is that he voted against the Iraq War, but Donald Trump and Ben Carson opposes the Iraq War too.

Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 which is horrible and causes unemployment. If we let immigrants or Middle East refugees in then the vast majority of them will be unemployed. They have to spend time acquiring English skills and other skills before any employer would accept them. If minimum wage laws are absent they could first join a low-skilled job and work their way up. This way taxpayers don't have to provide education, food and housing for them. Additionally, in the absence of minimum wage laws, they could receive on-the-job training so they could learn the English language while working.

Shane Skekel said...

3D, you said the most poignant comment of the year so far. Gov. John Bel Edwards also supports raising the minimum wage in spite of the evidence against it. I don't like Jindal, but anyone who thinks that Edwards is better are deceiving themselves.

3D Face Analysis said...

You mean Martin O'Malley? He's also for raising the minimum wage to $15.

Sanders is also for tariffs and protectionism. This policy is disastrous. Without free trade the purchasing power of the dollar will go down. This is just like how the currency in Iran has inflated immediately once sanctions were placed, forcing business to close due to price uncertainty. Without free trade, the dollar might also collapse. We usually "export" the dollar to other countries since the rest of the world use the dollar to trade, encouraged by the petrodollar program. Without this, we cannot "export" our inflation anymore and therefore the inflation rate might correspond to the true rate of monetary expansion.