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Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF: Lawless Government

Everyone pays lip service to the rule of law. Indeed I’ve never heard of anyone rejecting it as undesirable. (It has been called impossible under prevailing circumstances but that is a different point.) So why is the principle so flagrantly violated with almost no public outrage?

Take President Obama’s intervention in the Libyan civil war. Even if we grant that he could legally enter that conflict by his own unilateral decision – a big if, which we’ll explore below – the War Powers Resolution of 1973 requires him after 60 days to cease operations or ask Congress for authorization to continue. One week ago today the clock ran out on the Libyan intervention, yet Obama has neither ceased operations nor asked for authorization.

He’s violated the law.
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1 comment:

Chris Sullivan said...

Congressman John Rarick of Louisiana was berated for voting against "limiting the President's war making powers." He explained that he didn't want to limit them because he didn't have any such power to begin with.

He and a few others tried to resurrect the Ludlow Amendment with their "People Power Over War Act", which got nowhere.

If using drones doesn't constitute war, then I would assume that using ICBMs doesn't either.