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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On DDT, Global Warming, Junk Science, and Libertarians

Kevin Carson has some interesting things to say about DDT, global warming, junk science, and libertarians: here. (I'm more skeptical about anthropogenic catastrophic global warming than he is -- but I'm not climate scientist and I refuse to choose which scientists to believe on the basis of their political-economic convictions.)

Check out the comments section, too, if you have the stomach for it. Hang in there, Kevin!

1 comment:

dennis said...

I am not a scientist either, and I don't see how the truth or falsity of the proposition that human carbon emissions will have adverse effects on life on earth changes anything about what our socio-political structures should be. That said, the behavior of the most visible proponents of AGW and the policies they advocate lead me to think that at least some of it is bullshit. I imagine that it would be far easier for people to overcome the adverse affects of possible climate change with unfettered access to technology than to overcome the results of the measures (even if 100% effective) of stopping or mitigating it. Whether it is a real problem or general course should be the same, reduce (or preferably dissolve) the state.