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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Governmental Logic

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, had this to say in connection with the auto bailout:

We will not let the taxpayers spend their hard-earned money on ailing carmakers unless these companies are forced to reform their bad habits -- either inside or outside bankruptcy.

So the way McConnell sees it, we taxpayers want to spend our hard-earned money to save the Big Three, but he is going to stop us -- for our own good -- if the companies aren't compelled to reform themselves.

I guess that's Republican paternalism. As a libertarian, I object. If I want to spend my tax money on GM, Chrysler, and Ford, I'm going to do it whether some presumptuous senator from Kentucky wants me to or not. This is a free country!

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1 comment:

steven said...

I think what McConnell really meant is "We will not let the government MAKE the taxpayers spend their hard-earned money on ailing carmakers unless these carmakers do what we politicians want them to do."

Either way, McConnell is the scum of the earth, like every other politician (except maybe Ron Paul).