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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Barack Harold Obama

I don't think Republicans would be using Obama's middle name if it weren't Middle Eastern-sounding. Do you?

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Anonymous said...

Nope. The Democrats ought to emphasize John Sidney McCain, the Third. That sounds very humble.

Edward said...

I thinks its more of an attack on his humility than his ethnicity. They also call Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sheldon Richman said...

I don't understand the humility point. Hillary herself used to use Rodham. The Republicans were trying to remind people of her more-militant feminist past.

Edward said...

The name game goes both ways. Obama changed his common name from Barry to Barack in order to sound less "American." He [or, more likely, his image consultants] kept "Barack" [or decided not to use Barry] as, probably, a political move for his first election. Everything about both candidates is manufactured to win elections. The thing I am most worried about is , once in the White House, he will be anti-war, primary Obama or hawkish, general-election Obama.

Nick said...

America's anti-conceptual mentality types can't tell the difference between Islamism and a guy with a Muslim sounding name.

Jimi G said...

"Politics is war by other means." von Clausewitz

Hussein is not just any Arab (Muslim-sounding) name now, is it?

The defining characteristic of a successful politician is the expert and unblinking use of every weapon available against the enemy.

Interesting how one can substitue "soldier" for "politician" above, isn't it?

The corollary for the above axiom is that the defining characteristic of the unsuccessful politician is the failure to effectively use every weapon at one's disposal. This is the "genotype," or root cause, of failure. The "phenotype," or physical manifestation of root cause, would be complaining that the other guy is playing dirty.

It's easy to see how deadly that error would be for a soldier. So it is for politicians too.

Wirkman Virkkala said...

I sometimes revel in Obama's middle name, too. Why? Not for the standard Republican reasons, but because it is FUNNY.

What could be as odd as electing as president a man with a last name that sounds like our country's alleged Enemy No. 1 (Osama bin Laden) and is EXACTLY the same as the last name of a tyrant our military forces toppled, captured, and sent off for trial and execution (Saddam Hussein)?

It's just weird. It would be like eschewing Ike in 1952 and voting for some guy named Adolf Mussotini.

Joshua said...


Now THAT is FUNNY! Great comment!